Ariadne is a new way to find new music. It allows you to interact with a music catalog by exploring the relationships between artists, songs, band members, festivals –and more to come! Choose any song you like and Ariadne will create a network, connecting it to other songs written by band members’ solo acts, bands with members in common, bands that played in the same festival… Click on any of the songs in the network to make it grow in that direction, and shape your own music discovery constellation.
This project was my Master’s Thesis for the UPF Master in Sound and Music Computing. I developed it under the supervision of Dmitry Bogdanov and Perfecto Herrera, working on it part-time during roughly six months. Besides the implementation of the prototype, which took roughly two months, the project also covered a thorough multi-faceted research of both the state of the art of music discovery and the abstract concept of discovery, as well as their technological implications in the information age; and relied heavily on user-centered methodologies, the main ideas behind Ariadne being derived from a series of in-depth interviews with music listeners.
You can find the source code for the Ariadne backend and frontend on GitHub.
The full dissertation of my thesis is available here.
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